Marsala, Italy

Minimum 4 weeks
24+ hours per week
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Childcare, Community Centre

Bed provided
Bed not provided
Meals provided
Meals not provided

There are many refugees in the south of Italy and we want to help them in anyway we can. Our NGO specialises in teaching and boosting the moral of the assylum seekers who find themselves in a very difficult situation. Come join us!

All volunteers must be 23+, hold a degree and have at least two years experience working with vulnerable people.
Useful Skills
Teaching, creativity, being artistic. No previous experience working with refugees is needed!
Number of Volunteers
This charity usually hosts 5 - 10 volunteers
All volunteers must be fluent in Italian. Useful languages are French, German, English, Greek, Urdu, Farsai and Arabic.
/ night
Apply Now
Applications to this charity are free of charge. If accepted, accommodation payments are made directly to the volunteering organisation.